Avoid remodelers at all costs when:

  • cannot verify credentials
  • salesperson tries to pressure signing contract
  • you will be given a "special low rate" because your home will be used for advertising purposes
  • special price only available today
  • no references
  • no pictures of past projects
  • information out-of-date/ no longer valid
  • asked to pay entire job in advance/ pay cash to salesperson
  • cannot find company in telephone book/ not listed with Better Business Bureau
  • does not offer, inform or extend notice of right to cancel contract within 3 days

In addition, be cautious when:

  • you are given vague/ reluctant answers
  • contractor exhibits poor communication skills/ descriptive powers
  • contractor not accessible
  • questions not answered to your satisfaction
  • contractor impatient/ doesn't listen
  • only work addressed, instead of homeowner needs